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In the context of ever-increasing cyber risks facing digital societies and military forces and given the interoperability challenges CRRTs still face in complex environments, the CYBER4DE project delivers a concept of a highly functional CRRT toolbox as well as advanced incident handling techniques and processes. CYBER4DE proposes a universal solution covering the following advanced features, including but not limited to mobility, easy and fast deployment, automation in detection and analysis, anomaly detection in an unknown infrastructure.



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The toolbox concept is based on 4 principal parts: Workplace, Sensors, Back-office, and Cloud services. They provide specific functionality to manage cyber incidents (detect, investigate, and remedy hostile activities) and are integrated into a highly sophisticated, flexible, and scalable solution that is easily configurable and deployable to meet the specifics of a wide range of deployed cyber crisis operations. State-of-the-art and open technologies, including enhancements provided by Artificial Intelligence solutions, will ensure the toolbox remains effective and upgradable over the years.

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THE SENSORS are designed to connect to various networks and infrastructures, and to collect network traffic from different IT and OT systems.

THE WORKPLACE will consist of laptops and relevant software for the analysts’ principal activities

THE BACK-OFFICE modules for advanced analysis will be based on the central premises and will process the data. Some of the Back-office functions will be supported and/or empowered by the external (Cloud) capabilities.

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