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The first part of the Design phase is completed

Based on the concept of the CYBER4DE toolbox the project consortium has completed the first part of the Design phase of the project and based on the requirements extracted during the study phase, a preliminary definition of the new generation toolbox was issued.

After definition of the general architecture of the toolbox, definition of common integration standards and interfaces, the interim technical design of the 4 principal parts (Workplace, Sensor, Back-office, and Cloud services modules) of the CYBER4DE toolbox has been finished. According to the plan, the final updated design version will be accomplished by the end of July 2023.

The technical design information of 4 principal parts, which describes the static architecture, the dynamic architecture, the interfaces (internal and external), the technology specification and hardware specification will be the starting point for the activities of Detailed definition of CYBER4DE – beginning the development of Workplace, Sensor, Back-office, and Cloud services modules and as well as the documentation, training material and SOPs to operate the toolbox.


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