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Tabletop exercise to redefine requirements for the CYBER4DE toolbox

The development of the CYBER4DE toolbox has started with an in-depth analysis of the needs and limitations faced by Cyber Rapid Response Teams (CRRTs) in a multi-national framework (e.g., PESCO). A study of the processes and practices of CRRTs were performed via interviews, questionnaires, and open-source research to review the full spectrum of activities and threats such teams meet, improve their processes and practices, and redefine requirements for the tools to be used.

The results from the research were elicited in a Tabletop Exercise on the operational environment conducted on 22-24 March, 2022. The event was joined by CRRTs from Lithuania, Estonia, France, Poland, and Romania to deliberate various simulated emergency and rapid response situations.

Requirements and specifications derived from the study results and the Tabletop Exercise and consolidated among the participating Member States will pave the way to create flexible and standardized tools, thus enabling international cooperation and integration with already existing systems.


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