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Expanding partnerships: visit to Croatian Ministry of Defense

On April 5 2022, the Croatian part of the CYBER4DE consortium composed of Infigo IS and Poslovna inteligencija had a chance to visit Croatian Ministry of Defense (MORH) and talk with its representatives from the Armament and Equipment Sector Col. Tadija Lučić, Col. Silvio Dinjar, Mrs. Ivančica Hudek Džambo, and Col. Dražen Jonjić from the Independent Public Relations and Publishing Department. The main topic was possible promotion opportunities through MoD's public channels, but also to its internal teams.

Since Croatian MoD is one of the potential clients and users of the Cyber Rapid Response Toolbox, Poslovna Inteligencija and Infigo IS described the present project and illustrated the potential benefits of using such a toolbox at Croatian MoD. In addition, the Croatian MoD outlined the handling of procurement for the MoD, and ways how industry and military can work more in sync. While the IT industry is, by definition, very agile and to some extent risk-prone, the military is a huge system with a lot of rules that have to be checked before going to the next level.

The last topic on the agenda was MoD's contribution to the project with CRRT testing, but it was left for some future communication.


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