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CYBER4DE toolbox was presented during the CRRTs Meeting

Annual Cyber Rapid Response Teams (CRRTs) New Rotation Celebratory Meeting took place in Zagreb, Croatia on 28-29 March 2023. This meeting was a great opportunity not only for the CRRT Participating Member States as well as Observers to meet each other, but also to present the toolbox being developed by the CYBER4DE consortium.

Cyber Rapid Response Teams allow the member states to help each other to ensure a higher level of cyber resilience and collectively respond to cyber incidents. CRRTs can be used to assist other member states, EU Institutions, CSDP operations as well as partners. CRRTs will be equipped with a commonly developed deployable cyber toolkits designed to detect, recognise, and mitigate cyber threats. What is more, teams can assist with training, vulnerability assessments and other requested support.

For the year of 2023, Rotating Participant, leading the Cyber Rapid Response Teams rotation, is Croatia. The CRRTs Project was initiated by Lithuania, Project's Lead Participant. The CRRTs Project Management Team, delegated by the Ministry of National Defence of the Republic of Lithuania, is responsible for further pursuing the project's activities.

Most of the meeting in Zagreb was dedicated to the presentation of the CYBER4DE toolbox. The participants of the meeting were introduced to the status of the CYBER4DE project, toolbox general design and key features, the toolbox qualification process. Also, all four principal parts (Workplace, Sensors, Back-office, and Cloud services) were presented during separate sessions. During the presentation participants discussed various technical and organizational topics related to the capabilities provided by the toolbox. Consortium members also provided MoDs with a comprehensive explanation on the current architecture of the toolbox modules, its composition, technologies, features and functionalities, ability to be deployed and transported in tough conditions, ability to provide protection for multilevel security networks and restricted installations.


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