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CYBER4DE General Assembly and technical experts meeting in Warsaw

Last month on 25-26 of October, CYBER4DE Consortium had an annual General Assembly meeting together with separate technical experts’ sessions in the project partner’s Asseco office in Warsaw, Poland.

The meeting was dedicated to review CYBER4DE project progress activities and agree on further steps of the project. The toolbox development has approached the final steps. The Consortium has developed the toolbox documentation, training material and SOPs. The Consortium is finishing the toolbox modules integration and is preparing for the System testing. The Consortium has started the preparation for qualification activities and procedures, releasing qualification event scenario with the timeline in order that CRRT teams could be prepared for qualification test event, where the toolbox will be demonstrated in a realistic deployment scenario and in accordance with a series of acceptance tests that prove the system meets its functional requirements.


During Technical meeting sessions the technical experts of the Consortium were focusing on full automated deployment testing and full integration review. Modules testing procedures will be the input for part of System Testing Procedures.


BPTI, the coordinator of the CYBER4DE project, would like to express great gratitude to the Assceco team for the warm reception hosting event and all Consortium partners for the very productive discussions and their dedicated commitment to the project.


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